PlayStation 4 Pro Giveaway

Only a game lover can understand the worth of PS4 Pro. For a better gaming experience, it is necessary to use the proper device, which can be none other than gaming consoles.

Every gamer wants to own it to play games. If it's Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, who wouldn't? If you are also one of them who wants to buy a PS4 to play games on it, you can drop the idea of buying. No, we are not asking you not to use it; we offer you to join a giveaway and win it.

What would be better than winning PS4 Pro than buying it? Not confident enough about your win? Let us tell you that you wouldnít have to anything extra to get it; by doing simple social media tasks, you can have it.

Participation would not cost you anything, so you are losing anything to participate. Join in and test your luck.


  • PS4 Pro enables a more elaborate design of the images that create the detail we see in games, like dirt on clothing or rust on metal.
  • The new PS4 Pro can go as high as 2160p – or 4K, as it's more commonly known.
  • Boost Mode unlocks more power for select PS4 games. Depending on the game, the increased processing speeds can result in shorter load times and faster and smoother frame rates.
  • PS4 Pro is 30% slimmer than the previous model.
  • All PS4 games must now support a PS4 Pro mode with improved graphics and performance.
  • Sony's PS4 Pro features an awesomely-named 8-core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" CPU with a 4.2 teraflops AMD Radeon-based graphics card, 8GB GDDR5 RAM, and 1TB storage.