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What is PlayStation?

PlayStation is a video game console that is owned and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. The first PlayStation ever was released in 1994. Now, these gaming consoles are being used all over the world since then.

PlayStation is known for launching excellent gaming tools and advanced video game consoles. Even though it is not free of cost, more than a million users use the PlayStation from all over the world.

How much does PlayStation cost?

Who doesn’t like playing online games? They do have a big fan following, and people love the games a lot. But unfortunately, PlayStation is not free for its users.

It comes with a $9.99 per month for accessing the online games through the PlayStation Plus portal.

If the users are sure that they will use the service for very long, they can also pay $24.99, which is the amount for three months, and if they want to use it for a year, $44.99 is the amount they have to pay. Users can pay according to the pack they want and play the game.

What is a PlayStation gift card?

PlayStation gift card is an online card that you can purchase from the retailers listed on their official store, and after buying the card, you can pay for the game to access the monthly online games.

You can use the PSN gift card to play any game available on PlayStation. The card will come at different prices. Users can choose the one according to their requirements and purchase the card easily without any issue.

The PSN gift card is also used for gifting anyone who likes playing the game.

How does a PlayStation gift card work?

If you want to use the PSN gift card, you must have an account in PlayStation. If you have an account there, you can purchase the online gift card, and the card will be available at different prices.

You can redeem the PlayStation gift card in the PlayStation account, and after redeeming it, you can see the account where the balance will be reflected.

How to get a free PSN gift card?

To play the PlayStation video games, you have to pay the mandatory fee. But if you want to save yourself from it, you can use our website, and we offer you free PlayStation gift cards.

For this, you need to complete the tasks which will be fun to do, and by doing that, you will earn some Points. Once you reach the limit, you can easily redeem the Points to get a free PSN gift card from us.

Available PlayStation Gift Cards

$10 PSN Gift Card
PlayStation Card
$25 PSN Gift Card
PlayStation Card
$50 PSN Gift Card
PlayStation Card