PayPrizes Giveaways

Some of our advertisers organize a free giveaway program for PayPrizes users every month. This giveaway program is international, so any user is free to participate. Currently, active prizes are:

What is a giveaway?

Can we really say no to free things? Of course, No. And why would we if those free things are something that we wish to buy all our life? If one can get it free of cost as a giveaway, this is no less than a dream come true for anyone.

The concept of the giveaway is quite similar to this. Here, you can get the free stuff without paying for it. However, you have to try your luck with it.

Don't worry; we are no fraud who will randomly call you and tell you that you have won 1 million. We won't do that.

Our giveaways are purely based on our advertisers' online surveys and your contribution to our website. If you keep visiting our website PayPrizes, your chances of winning this giveaway are usually more than any of your friends.

How to take part in giveaways?

Thinking about what's the harm in giving a try? Absolutely yes. There's no harm in giving it a try here, and for that, you must know the terms and conditions and how to take part in these giveaways. So without keeping any suspense, let's jump on how one can take part in giveaways.

So what advertisers do is that they keep conducting contests. You need to share your email address to keep the email address included in their contest list. After then, you need to be aware of the contests they conduct online, like on Twitter and Facebook.

All the details will be mentioned on our website, and you can refer and simply do the needful to increase your chances of winning a free giveaway.

General Instructions:

  1. Advertisers will announce all the winners as per their terms.
  2. Every winner will receive an email regarding the same. So keep an eye on your emails.
  3. If you missed both, make sure to follow their official pages of all the social media accounts. They will also announce it on their social media pages.
  4. Advertisers declare their prize before the contest. So the winners will get the given prize only in their giveaway contest.

Why participate in PayPrizes giveaways?

Have we ever heard of online promotions? Ever received some free stuff just for the sake of a promotional scheme? This is something that only. We are not doing any charity here, and neither do we intend to. We are promoting our business.

A good business person will never leave a chance to promote their business, and that's exactly what we are doing here. We are doing social media marketing and advertising our business. Under these online promotions, we are required to conduct such giveaways and present a chance to give free stuff to our users.

The giveaway stuffs that our advertisers are giving will already be listed on our website so that the user will know for which prize is he/she competing.

The idea is to promote the business and let the maximum people know about our conduct contests. If you can help with it, then we are more than happy to please you with free gift cards or any other stuff.